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Confessions beauty around seven deadly sins

Miniature Perfume II 30ansenbeauté

I know, it goes back a long tag but hey, there was also no fire at the lake. I took a few days for you in Switzerland to share my seven deadly sins in style after being tagged by Polly. Many of these sins are rooted in my childhood between Geneva and Annecy, and [...]

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Wear braces for 30 years, is it reasonable?

Orthodontic Braces-adult-30ansenbeauté

Be realigning the past thirty, is it reasonable teeth? After all, Prince is often already charmed professional dice are rolled, it can be lost between pregnancies or births, and there are so many priorities ... Yet. This madness, I made it, and what the Cross at [...]

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The brand with 42 movements Spa offers a stay with friends

payot not

If you had asked me behind the gray paste or cream # 2, I would have been unable to cite a brand. Especially as these products are not for me. I must say that this nearly century-old brand communicates little. For me, it proved with its space, I recently tested and [...]

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Aboard the Nivea Blue Boat to celebrate 100 years of the best of the best!

Nivea Blue Boat 12

Imagine 1,500 people from around the world gathered for two days of celebration aboard a cruise ship. Be part of this anniversary alongside journalists, consumers and staff of the brand was the opportunity to understand what makes the success of this round box, and her little sisters. But also [...]

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