My movies for girls

My movies for girls
Out of competition at Cannes, and away from the parade of stars (although I never say no to an invitation to this prestigious event, instead, I dream since childhood), I present a small selection of movies for girls seen the last three weeks and uneven quality.
At least you'll be set before spending 10 euros up film in buying or renting DVDs!
Still on your screen: I loved

79f8bdbee7a92390b23feab2a11fe239 Ma sélection de films pour filles The story: Chloe, a young mother of two girls, took refuge in the mountains next to his stepfather, after being dumped by her husband. She has no interest in anything, not waiting for his call and return. But is it worth the trouble as the wait? His stepfather (Daniel Auteuil) is going to tell him the most beautiful love story, that of his love he lived with Matilda, a beautiful to die for (Marie-Josée Croze) translator that finally failed to stay with his wife and children ... to the point of regretting his decision every day and not have a taste for life.

My opinion: I had read the novel Anna Galvada but could not remember very well so I can not say if the film reflects the spirit of the novel. A love story as there are many which raises questions about the veracity of the feelings and the courage to follow, even if it means breaking anything in his life. A difficult choice, but can be beneficial for many people. A film that does not give the potato as waterlogged emotions, but a film that makes you think.

Still on your screen: Romaine 30

080181c554c23a07b98b7aa1c439a053 Ma sélection de films pour filles History: Roman (Kiberlain) is lucky: a guy (Pascal Elbe) which makes it all the days of surprises and takes him - always by surprise in Canada submit stepmother for Christmas but also its next life with huskies. Roman has a fear of flying ... so scared she sends everything up and spits out his disgust for her boyfriend in flight. No luck, the plane does not crash and she finds herself dropped just arrived. Because Roman is dropped, frozen, disrupted. She does not know what she wants. She will meet in its search for men and women equally disturbed it.

I think Kiberlain is very good in this rather comic role The film had a lot of ingredients to be a successful comedy.. Too bad the script partner in every way, and it ends at the bottom of salmon. The film would have deserved a good extra half hour, a bit of romance too! Bad, blah.

Coming soon to your screens: The Women

61bf008c91ffb0d8f6b8bfc66f5b9845 Ma sélection de films pour filles The story: Mary (Meg Ryan) is the ideal wife, who holds perfectly between his days cooking, gardening, garden parties and education of her daughter. Flushed, she sees the world collapsed when she learns that her father turns to his business as a designer and her husband is cheating with a seller of beauty counter at Saks. But what saleswoman a bomba! To replace seals, it can count on the support of his mother and her friends.

My opinion: I imagined after seeing the trailer that the spirit of the film would be very caustic. In fact, it is primarily a film about friendship between women and the strength of their relationships. It is softer than funny. A pretty and nice film. I liked to see (thank you Laura!) But does not recommend the masses.

Disappeared from the screens: Rachel Getting Married

8a588b1ae1afd72072fa81e878560298 Ma sélection de films pour filles The story: while Kym (Anne Hathaway) leaves rehab, she finds herself with her ​​parents in full preparations for the marriage of his sister, Rachel. It's time to party, but to share the presence of Rachel will spoil the family atmosphere, like it or not. As in the film, one can understand why everyone is struggling to be reassured about the health of Rachel, who does not think I deserve any watchful eye on it.

My opinion: I did not expect at all to this film, having had rather used to seeing the actress in a comedy and glamor register. I better understand his Oscar nomination. Atmosphere of this film is very heavy, slow pace, everything happens almost on the same place. A little claustrophobic but very realistic. Another film that does not give the potato but tells a very realistic way a family tragedy.

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  1. The chronicles of a blonde

    I intend to go and I loved Romaine -30.
    Like you I will dream to go to Cannes, at least once, what an experience it must be!

  2. annouchka

    I liked "The Women", as you say it is a nice film about friendship and relations between women ... touching and entertaining. I would still tend to recommend it because I think it is good for the morale, I like to leave the cinema with a smile and the feeling that life is beautiful ... it's a bit silly but hey, I 'm pretty good public I must admit!

    Thank you again for the evening anyway : D

  3. Sonia-FashionBox

    I saw "the women" and can be with all these actresses that I like I was expecting a terrible movie, but I was actually decue! You spend a good time, certainly, but it is not folichon anyway ... :-(

  4. SGWoman

    Well I have not seen any, but I want to go "I loved" before it is longer visible!

  5. andara

    I'm not very cinematic ... but I keep these references in the elbow!

  6. It

    I loved that I should definitely go see it! The women tried me enough ... but I feared the "Sex and the City" light version, what you say, it has apparently no relation, I can go see it then = D!
    Thank you for this very girly movie selection!

  7. Love

    I'm not very cinephile right now! Lack of time can be ...

    I must furnish me there! I read the novel Anna Galvada "I loved him" and like all his books, I loved it! So I think to see this film in there first!

    Good day and thank you for your passage home! :)

  8. @ Leschroniquesduneblonde: it is a magical event and émouvant.Vive Cannes!

    @ Annouchka: you're right, this film is very positive, friendship triumph but also determination. Let's say I would have been delighted that it is a little bit more fun!

    @ Sonia: the same!

    @ Sgwoman: you should not be disappointed, the acting is wonderful.

    @ Andara: delighted to be able to offer you this selection

    @ It: in fact, there is still a link to the "Sex and the City" movie, based on the series, was more serious and profound. But the characters, except that of Annette Berling, are not as endearing.

    @ Love: I have my surf movie ... but I never regret those moments to escape from everyday life and relax. Still the movie gives me a real escape.

  9. Milune

    I loved it I really want to go see this movie. It also requires me to go see "Confessions of a Shopaholic! "

  10. @ Milune ah this is true, there is also this film girls in anticipation! But I may run out of time! Then you tell me? Biz

  11. Miss Violet

    Yeah you forgot "Confessions of a Shopaholic" is still super girly as movie :) ! Besides, I think we'll go see with friends soon! I know it's cliche ;)

  12. @ Missvioilette: I loved the trailer for this film, and I'm sure I'll be good public but I can only speak as I have not yet seen!

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